Dr. Godfrey was born in a small town in Idaho and grew up planning on being a dentist. He was mentored by his grandfather and two uncles who are dentists. He graduated from Bountiful High in 1998, and after a two-year Spanish speaking mission to Argentina, he married his high school sweetheart. Before becoming a dentist, Dr. Godfrey worked as a dental hygienist for seven years and learned the importance of preventive dentistry. While working in the dental field, numerous dentists, hygienists and patients recognized his skill and urged him to continue his education to become a dentist. He decided to pursue this and was accepted into dental school at Roseman University in 2012. He has worked in multiple dental offices and has seen a lot of good ways to practice and a lot of things he wanted to stay away from. In 2019, when he purchased Lifetime Family Dental, and he incorporated all of the good experiences and examples that were set for him while he prepared to own his own office. Dr. Godfrey is passionate about dentistry and brings with him experience in administering dental implants, root canal therapy and oral surgery, along with traditional dental procedures.

Part of what drove Dr. Godfrey to becoming a dentist was seeing a lack of care for children and seniors. Due to this, he volunteers once a month to provide dental care in nursing homes. He also goes once a year to Mexico to work in orphanages to provide dental care to the children that live there. Since his marriage, he and his wife have welcomed four kids to their family: two girls, a boy and another girl.

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