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Your Smile is our Success

Here at our Kaysville dental office the focus is a healthy smile and good oral health at an affordable price.

A simple smile boosts your confidence, helps you to relax, boosts your immune system and brings a smile to those around you! At our dental office in Davis County Utah we want to help you achieve that. There is nothing that makes us happier than watching patients of Lifetime Family Dentistry smile confidently again. Contact our Kaysville dental office, book an appointment and we promise to make your smile beautiful!

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Pillars of our Practice

At our Kaysville, UT Dental Office we have 4 pillars that we base our practice upon. They are: Great Patient Care, Friendly Office Staff, Best Office and Affordable Prices! We also accept most insurances and have our own in-house membership plan as a way to keep our services very affordable right here in Davis County Utah!

Great Patient Care

At Lifetime Family Dentistry in Kaysville Utah, we understand how intimidating a dental appointment might be. Our dentists make sure that you're comfortable and well taken care of before and after every procedure.

Best Office

Here at our Kaysville dental office we make sure to keep our office clean and hygienic. We also made sure to equip Lifetime Family Dentistry with every tool necessary to perform the best procedures and achieve professional results.

Friendly Office STaff

Kaysville dental staff offer a friendly and comfortable environment to our patients.

Affordable Prices

Not everyone has Dental Insurance and we understand that. We offer an in-house membership plan with low monthly payments which allows members to receive all preventative care and provides a discount for any diagnosed treatment!

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